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General Information

basic information about the website.
Website age, Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, DMOZ, Country, IP Address and that the website is banned or not by Google.

website screen
meta seo

Meta Information

The tool on this page allows you to quickly view meta data (title, description and/or keywords) from a list of urls you provide. It allows you to quickly check your own website or have a peek at what your competitors are writing.

Search Engines

Displays Google, Yahoo, Bing indexes along with image indexes and backlink values.
Information Presented by owebtool: Index Count, Image Index Count, Backlink Count.

search engines
page speed

Page Speed

Displays speed of website uploading. The speed is ranked from a value of 1 to 100 points. The rank is displayed on a graph. If the graph displayed is red, the website is considered to be slow, a recommendation is presented to optimize speed. A faster website speed is reflected with a green colored graph.

Alexa Stats

A graph formed by data provided by Alexa rankings including website traffic, accessibility, acceleration, time spent on the web page and search results.

alexa statisticks
color analysis

Color Analysis

Analysis of the colors used most frequently on a website, displayed with color codes.

Traffic and Keywords

Country Ranking : Displays what country most frequently visits the webpage, and lists Alexa index related to the country.
Popular Keywords : Most popular searched keywords that direct to the website. Keywords are listed in percentages.

website traffic
responsive html

Responsive Compatilibity

Displays whether or not the website is HTML 5 responsive.

Website Size

The tool on this page allows you to quickly view website size data.
Content/Code ratio, is very important element for websites. Pages with inadequate content/code ratio are unrecognized by search engine crawlers.

website size

DMOZ Listing

DMOZ, is one of the largest index projects that works with global search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL). Websites listed on DMOZ are constantly tracked and collected data on.


Displays website title and style tags with values used.

tags html
website age

Website Age

Field containing information about the domain name and age.

server whois

Server Info

Field where the server is housed. Information Provided by owebtool :
📈 Server Provider.
📈 Server IP Address.
📈 Server Country.
📈 Server Region.
📈 Latitude and Longitude.

Social Statistics

Information regarding social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

social seo
visitors geolocation

Visitors GeoLocation

Displays website visitor statistics according to country. Statistics are displayed as a percentage and visualized on a world map.

DNS Nameservers

What is a Domain Name Server (DNS)?
DNS is a server that sorts out IP addresses when a domain name is entered.

dns nameservers

IP Lookup

A reverse IP domain check takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server.